Saturday, February 6, 2010

AP Art Portfolio

- Portrait of myself -
oil pastels

-The Beach-
watercolor wash

-Gerogia Still Life-

-The Mechanical Part-
charcoal and chalk

-The Harvest-
oil pastels


  1. Hi, I'm Kristen from Forsyth Country Day school and am in Mrs. Stone-Danahy's AP art class. I love your work! In particular your portrait, the bike wheel, and the harvest piece. These all show your very interesting mark making and I love the style that you seem to have developed. Nice detail!

  2. I'm Mary, a student at FCDS in Mrs. Danahy's Art class. Out of this group I especially like the water color portrait on the beach. The subtle use of color is expressive and makes the piece light and flowy, like the ocean. Also, the children are very detailed so they draw the viewer's eye. It is very intriguing and well executed.