Wednesday, September 30, 2009

''Beautiful Summer Day'' oil on cardboard, 2009
''The Summer House'' oil on cardboard, 2009

''Pumpkins'' pencil,2006

''The Apple'' linoleum print,2008
''A day out'' oil on cardboard,2008
''A Bonfire'' oil on cardboard,2009
''My mom'' oil on cardboard,2009
''Still life on the windowsill'' oil on cardboard,2009
'' Little window'' oil on cardboard,2009
" Still life with a little teapot"oil on cardboard,2008
'' Life'' oil on canvas,2009
''Apple tree'' oil on canvas,2006
''Still life with flowers'' oil on cardboard,2008
''Blue still life'' oil on canvas,2008
'' Sea'' sculpture made of wire, 2008.